European Secrets to Being Fit and Fab
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Our Patented Photobioreactor vertical farming process brings a futuristic...pure and contaminant free growing maximize your body's

Start Your Day

First-class European standards

Pure quality of ingredients

Combining new cutting edge science with patented vertical farming

All geared to produce a product line like no other in the world

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Discover the Technology and Science behind our Revoluntary Products


Guaranteed quality Spirulina with no additives, our production and purification process is completely natural


All cultivation is 100% Made in Europe. We control every aspect from growth to packaging and delivery

The Patented Technology

Listen to Tim Edwards brief explanation about the future of Xelliss products, and then take a tour of the state of the art laboratory with Tino Bacchetta as he explains the process and state of the art technology used to grow the pure microalgae used in the Xelliss products.

Vertical Farming of the Future is Now!

Photobioreactor technology is much more expensive than growing algae by other methods, but guarantees you the purest, safest spirulina and related products. This patented cultivation system avoids biological

chemical, and physical hazards. There is no heating required that can alter the properties of the active ingredients and the drying process is gentle, allowing a better conservation of nutrients. Finally, this production process enables continuous analysis to ensure the spirulina you receive is contaminant free, maximum bioavailability, and optimal nutritional value.

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